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Hello every one

I am having lots of trouble typing not only because I use only one finger due to mis shaped hands but looking down at the keyboard gives me a real headache due to a bad neck. I have to lift my head back up by pushing my chin up with the back of my hand and I am then left with a splitting headache.

My question.....can anyone recommend a voice recognition software? :)

Thank you
Love Juliepf x


  • Annah
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    The only one I'd recommend is Dragon, by Nuance Systems. Their latest is Dragon 11. It's a little tricky to learn to use, but well worth it if you have painful hands.
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    Thank you Annah and Delboy

    I have seen that product on the net but wanted reassurance from some one first who had actually used it.

    I will now really consider purchasing one

    Thank you again for your help.

    Love juliepf x
  • Wonkylegs
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    a few people on the forum have tried out Dragon - i'll be using it just as soon as I have sorted our wifi system out and installed the dragon onto our laptop. i wish I'd already done it, but there's been so much new to learn!

    One word of warning - the latest editions of dragon are all singing and all dancing, but because of this they require a lot of memory (RAM) depending on your operating system it could be up to 2GB :shock: hence why I waited until we got the new laptop.

    if your computer or operating system is older, it was suggested before that a good way of still being able to use dragon would be to buy an older version which requires much less of your system.

    I found the manufacturer's helpline particularly good in helping me decide which version was for me. (and which were suitalbe for my machine)

    good luck with whatever you decide!

    WOnky xxx
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    I tried this a few years ago dont know what make it was, kept me busy for a while but could bnot grasp the scouse lingo.
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    Oh Colin I was just going to say the same, my son has it and I had a go, you have to spend around half hour getting it used to your voice...but I got there in the end :lol: ...it is brilliant , but like Wonky says its takes a lot of memory up , but the price now is very good...its was around £100 when it cam out.
    Julie if you ever see it on one of the shopping channels give it a try, if it doesn't suit you can send it back.
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    Thankyou Wonky, Colin and barbara.

    I will take note of all this advice.

    I can't remember how much memory this laptop has but I will make sure I have enough space for the programme. Thank you for pointing that out before I chose one. I have other programmes on here so may have to get rid of some.

    As for understanding ME , my poor computer, even I have trouble understanding me :lol:

    Thanks again
    Julie x
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    I agree that Dragon takes up a lot of memory and if you don't have enough, it makes your machine run so slowly that it cannot function. I was given the prog. by the disability people at uni and it's never understood my voice, so I gave up. However, everyone I've spoken to raves about it and I think it's just me and my lack of patience rather than the actual programme. :D

    Shop around online for some cheap deals. It's come down in price a lot. x
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    julie47 wrote:
    As for understanding ME , my poor computer, even I have trouble understanding me :lol:

    I have no problem at all understanding you, Julie. You just need a machine that speaks proper Yorkshire. :wink:
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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    if you give it a go (I think patience is what is needed until it learns your accent!) please would you let us know how you get on.


    Toni xxx