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YES! I just heard a cuckoo! the first one this year.
I don't know why, but it always makes me happy.
All the best,


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    Very complicated lifestyles , cuckoos ; wrens are my favourites . Jillyb
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    We don't have them round here - too urban maybe? I do hear a woodpecker in the trees opposite our house. DD
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  • fowls48
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    We Only have sparrows and pigeons , crows .
  • julie47
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    we have sparrows, pigeons,doves,and my favourite, gold finches

    my mum has ducks visiting her garden :shock: I want ducks :D
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    We’re lucky enough to have a fair few hedges, trees and hawthorn bushes in and near our garden so we also have a pair of goldfinches – beautiful but quarrelsome little so and sos who consume vast quantities of niger seeds We get blue tits and occasionally great tits, the odd greenfinch & chaffinch and at least a couple of woodpeckers, not to mention crows, magpies, sparrows and starlings. I keep eyeing the woodpigeons and thinking about how they’d look on a plate but I couldn’t face the feathers.

    I do enjoy watching them all but they don’t half eat considering their size. The blue tits just flick out the seeds they don’t want then the collared doves hang around underneath to pick them up.
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    baby robins :)

    BUT worryingly a ferocious daisycat who likes to eat the babies if l dont get there first.

    They do their click click....sound when she is around, but l am allowed to take them to the vets,(3 so far) the sound stops when l approach and rescue the baby. They must trust us :D

    Numpty l am glad you feel heartened by the Cuckoo's call.


    Toni xx