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Hi (: I'm Fay, I'm 18. I have had alot of medical issues in my life, I had cancer a few years ago and I also was born with a hip disorder. I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hips and have been told in the last week that I have osteoarthritis in my elbow and that it will never be straight again. I've known about my hip arthritis for about a year but never really thought about it, I guess now I just wanted to find somewhere that I could learn about it all and everything. I don't really know what to expect with arthritis if it got worse or anything but have been trying to research it.
It took about two years to figure out what was wrong with my elbow as the doctors originally thought it was a result of one of the tumours I had which was near my arm. I know I'll have hip replacements in the next few years and have known that since I was very young. I'm at college at the moment studying A levels. Anyway....I just wanted to say Hi :) and give a little introduction to me.


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    Hi Fay

    and welcome , i'm new here too .There are some lovely people on this forum and will help you as much as they can, Sorry still green when when it comes to advise .

    karen fowls
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    Hi Faybulous and welcome to the forum from me too. I'm not a young person - far from it - but our young people sometimes take a while to get here as they're off living their lives in the real world and good luck to them.

    You do seem to have had far more than your fair share of illnesses but you must be coping well to be tackling A-levels. Good for you.

    At the top of the page you can see a 'Publications & Resources' button where there is a lot of info about arthritis and living with it. Also our forum members are a pretty knowledgeable bunch so, if you've any questions, I'm sure people will be happy to chip in on the Living With Arthritis forum as arthritis is, in many ways, the same whatever age you are.
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