It's me again with my update

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Been to see the physio again and had yet another exercise to do on the knee (my new hip is fantastic) just got to concentrate on the knee now if they or should I say me can get the tendons and muscles working again so that it holds the knee joint firmly it should work. for the first time in weeks the knee pain has eased off a little which is a good sign and I have just over 70% bend so things are improving it's hard work and very slow but I will keep trying I am now walking without crutches or a stick which I haven't done for 5years.I just hope I can maintain the slow progress Wendy


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    HI Wendgro

    that's brilliant news :D I'm so pleased for you,keep up the good work :wink:

    Love Julie PF x
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    Well done YOU Wendy

    that is fantastic news :D I can hardly believe what you have acheived!


    Toni xxx
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    Hi Wendy,

    Good to see you again :D

    Your doing so well and tis good to read its helping. Well done you and I hope it will soon be back to 'normal' for you. Cris x
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    well done great news keep going thanks for letting us know. val
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    That's very good news, wendgro. It must have been hard to keep at it when the knee just seemed worse but you're reaping the benefits now so well done and thanks for the update.
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    Well done you,onwards and upwards.Mig