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I can't help in the slightest, in fact I'm sitting here feeling very envious. :) I would suggest easing up on the tennis as that is quite a high-impact form of activity, the cycling is far kinder to joints as is swimming - would you consider adding that to your sporting repertoire? Supplements don't achieve a great deal - those who swear by them probably don't have 'proper' arthritis, they just like to think they do - but a good diet is important, proper hydration and keeping your muscles strong to better support the affected joint/s is key. If you want to avoid the resting pain (and believe me, you do) keep doing what you are doing but perhaps ration the acitivites somewhat.

Do you know what sort of arthritis is affecting your hip? My guess is osteo but there are the auto-immune versions too. I won the arthritis lottery inasmuch I have both forms, I don't find that diet has that much of an effect on either but acidic foods such as chutneys and pickles can aggravate the pain in my joints. If you think a particular food is affecting you the only thing to do is to cut it out for a good while, say a month, and see if things improve.

I wish you well, you are doing all the right things but no-one can forecast the progress of the problem, each of us is unique in how quickly (or slowly) things develop. Take care. DD


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    It's true that oranges and tomatoes are very acidic fruits. My Ma finds that if she indulges in one or two small tomatoes her joints ache much more than if she avoids them. Needless to say it's always the food you love and enjoy that is the culprit. :) It could be that those things are not the trigger for you, the question of diet comes up on a regular basis on another part of the forum, the LWA section (living with arthritis) and people on here have tried all kindsa things to help themselves and it is very much a case of trial and error, it's all a trial and we make many errors!

    I am glad that you will be trying the swimming, alas I can no longer do that as I cannot get in and out of pools very easily. Pain levels will fluctuate as arthritis itself does. With the auto-immune types you have little control as to what will happen when, hence the powerful meds to suppress the immune system, but with OA some control is possible: it's called pacing yourself! I have OA in both my knees and ankles and it is a very miserable, constant pain. I now have to use a four-wheeled walker to get about for longer trips outdoors, indoors I can usually manage OK but do use crutches on a regular basis. I exercise my leg muscles as much as I can to try to keep them as strong as possible but I know it's a losing battle. You are in the very early stages by the sounds of things, so keep doing what you are doing but pay some regard to your hip. Don't push yourself too hard for too long, the payback is not worth it. DD
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    hi just want to say welcome and it sounds like you are doing most of the best things to help your self. there are exercises at top of page under living with artheritis that might help good luck val

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