27 and diagnosed with arthritis

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I am 27 and I have had hip pain for about 4 years. Today I was told that it was arthritis and I would need a hip replacement in 10 years. I'm devastated. Not only that but I was told that if I wanted children I would need to do it before the hip replacement.
Firstly I was told that it was a tear and could get fixed, now it's arthritis. I am still working and trying to get on with things but I was told that I should not be doing any impact exercise and I was told that walking any distance is a no no.
Now I really don't know what to do. How can I not walk?!

Anyway, I wanted to find somewhere that would be able to give me info and support and I am hoping this site will be it.

If anyone has any advise or could share anything I would be really gratefull.




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    You must be feeling devastated to be told that. You could try talking to the helpline team. There is a section for them where you could post and they will answer or you can phone them. You can always come here to talk and chat. I hope you get the information you want.
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am so sorry you have had to find us. This must be a great shock to you but you are talking to the initiated and we know that there is life beyond this diagnosis, which I presume is osteo arthritis. Hip replacements are a very common event on here and they more often than not lead to a whole new lease of life - a pain-free life to boot. As for walking, well, you have been told that walking for any distance is not on - the trouble with that is the word 'distance' - that is hard to define. As for children - well I cannot help on that matter as I am deliberately childless.

    This is not the end of something, rather it's the beginning of an odd, disconcerting and not entirely welcome new thing. Exercise is important as that will help to keep the muscles that surround your affected joint strong which will help to support the joint. You need to be doing low-impact activities such as swimming and cycling, gentle walking is good too. Right, I am too tired and fuzzy to think of anything more, but I will come back tomorrow with any new thoughts. I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi Hannah,

    Welcome to the forum.
    I have OA in my hips so i know how painful it can be.
    I use crutches or sticks when i go out and about so i do not put too much strain on them plus it helps to support me.
    When i first thought of sticks it really scared me as i am 32 and really didn't want to be relying on them at my age. Home physio came to see me and provided me with sticks and crutches and to make me feel better i jazzed them up with stickers. They are a great help for me and now i would rather feel comfortable going out with my sticks than worry about what people think.
    As DD said swimming is a good exercise as it helps with movement in water, and less painful. Maybe your doctor can suggest some exercises you ccan do.
    I find if my hips are playing up i use hot water bottle, but if you cant use one as you are out and about you can buy the heat pads.
    Any questions just fire away and hopefully someone will be able to help
    Take care..x
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    Thank you for your advice. It has been a kick in the teeth but I know I will need to look on the bright side. At least now I know what it is and can start to look forward.

    I have been told low impact exercise is best, and the specialist said that walking any longer than 20mins is not good.

    Tracy, do you know any simple exercises for the moment that could Help with the pain? I have booked myself in with the doctor but that isn't until the 11th.

    I will give the support line a call tomorrow.

    Thank you for your help, It's really overwhelming and the specialist was not very helpful!

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    Hi Hannah,

    Im 42 years old, i started getting arthritis when i was 29 years old. I had had two children by then, but i must say i have lead a reasonably 'normal' life up until the last couple of years, when things have got worse for me and i have had to make some adjustments to my life!

    I still don't feel like my life is over though, i just know i have got to realise my limitations and carry on with what i can do.

    Please don't feel like you won't be able to do anything, you just have to listen to your body and stop when you feel you need to and rest. You will learn over time how far you can push your body and im sure you will be able to do all that you want to.
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    Hi Hannah,

    I'm also at the start of the jouney and try to getting a re-diagnosis, after things going down hill.
    Had hip and knee pain since childhood (juvinile arthritis).

    I'm 30 now and had my daughter 2 yrs ago and must say things were tough on the joints in the later stages due to SPD which I expect was partly arthritis as well.

    It might not be the right time now but a lot can happen in 10 yrs including having a baby or two or even three.
    Was good that the doctor was honest about things, it gives you time to plan.

    If your looking for low impact I was told by my chiropractor to try pilates but let the instructor know what you limitation are and they should adapt certain excercies for you.
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    Hi Hannah, I have RA and so far i have still got all the joints i was born with, however, my niece had a hip replacement at the age of 26. Her consultant told her that he didnt believe in making people wait years for something that could vastly improve their life. She had it done, recovered quite quickly, and is now living her life to the full.She said it has been life changing and would recommend it to anyone who was offered it. I hope her story helps you to feel a bit less scared about the future.

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    Hi Hannah and welcome even though under these difficult circumstances.

    just to give you some idea there is a light at the end of the tunnel especially now a days.

    up until the age of 21 i had nothing wrong with me. woke up one morning with a slight ache in left foot. long story short after the usual gp and bloods i was sent to see a rhumatologist.
    sat in front of doctor and was told not to plan ahead as i would be in a wheelchair within 6 months. like you it was like hitting a brick wall at 100mph.
    she was right as within 9 month i could hardly walk without crutches.

    back then it was bad as there wasnt many drugs they could give you. being diagnosed in this day and age there is lots they can try you on until they find the right one that works for you and hopefully catch this awefull condition before it takes hold.

    27 years later> ive got ostio, rhumatoid, ancky spodilitis and psoratic arthritis. ive had one hip replaced which has been the best op ive had and is still going strong after 17 years. triple fusion arthrodisis in left foot and both ankles fused and blind in one eye all caused by arthritis.
    (dont panic as ive been told im special by many consultants) most people only have one or two of the above.

    im still working at my same job for 31 years in a xray department and since starting a wonder drug (anti tnf infliximab) i hardly use crutches now. ok my joints are buggered but im still managing to carry on with a smile on my face.

    if you do start seizing up it might be worth asking your gp or specialist if you could be referred to the hydrotherapy pool at your local hospital. its like getting in a bath where it eases the pain and you can excersise much more easily.

    good luck and try and stay positive and keep us updated.
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    Elfsorrow wrote:

    I am 27 and I have had hip pain for about 4 years. Today I was told that it was arthritis and I would need a hip replacement in 10 years. I'm devastated. Not only that but I was told that if I wanted children I would need to do it before the hip replacement.
    I was told that walking any distance is a no no.
    Now I really don't know what to do. How can I not walk?!

    If anyone has any advise or could share anything I would be really gratefull.

    Hi hannah

    welcome to the forums from me.

    You are so not alone now you have found us lot :)

    Exercise such as swimming is ok, but not breast stroke :shock: Bad for backs and hips l was told by the surgeon who did my back. I am sure you can walk, but not too far. Well how long is that?? Difficult to say, but less than causes you severe pain, which lasts longer than 2 hours after you stop. Someone on here told me that. :?

    I hope you are in a position to have kids soon if you want to, but can they not let you have a ceasarian??? Just a thought :? then the pressure would be off.

    Lots of us started with this arthritis malarkey young. Life for me has gone on and has been ok. Not 100% what l planned, but it really has been ok :)

    My main advise is to keep reading (reliable info such as arthrtis care stuff), and talking. Here is a good place - lets the family and friends have a break :wink:

    Take care


    Toni xxx