26 diagnosed with osteo arthritis. / several foot surgerys

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Hello there Just to introduce myself i am 26 from uk. Worcestershire called Hayley. I was diagnosed with osteo arthritis just over two yrs ago now. I HAVE always been battling with congenital Flat foot since birth with pain on going and getting worst over time with age and ware and tare. In march 2009 i was diagnosed with o/a and asserory Navicular in each foot. Which when i was little was never picked up by the pherodist (sorry about spelling) so in march 2010 i had my first foot surgery done to remove the first EXTra bone in my right foot which was Painful and was around 3 months plus recovery. Then December 2010 had my left foot same done. But i continued to get worst and it didnt releve any pain but made my Flat feet worst. So in June 2011 i had a Subtular fusion. Which did not fuse and after many many months in plaster and a walking brace boot there was Nothing else which could be done. So one month ago may 1st 2012 they done a triple Arthrodesis i now have five large screws in left foot and currently none weight baring on crutches/wheel chair in a plaster. The recovery is 18 months in total. But hopefully worth it. I gotta have my other foot done late next year after my wedding. Any input or help i would appreciate. Thankyou for reading. Xxx Hayley


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    Hi Hayley
    Welcome to the forum.
    I'm sorry i cant give you any advice....I'm sure someine will come along with some.
    I have OA but its in my hips and lower spine mainly
    I have some in my ankle but thats after an accident I had and isnt the the sorest bit for me.
    Hope to see you back on here soon
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    Hi Hayley

    Sorry cannot help but welcome .I have Ra in hands knees and feet Early days for me .But i wish you well .

    karen xx
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    Hi Hayley

    I am very pleased to meet you and congratulations on your imminent wedding :D

    There ARe folks on this site who hav ehad foot surgery.

    Can l suggest you repost your query on the living with arthritis forum?? and maybe title it 'Foot surgery' or something like that.

    Hope to see you joining in here and there too


    Toni xxx
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    hi there i have just found out i have O&A too on my two big toes and have flat feet how bad can this get :?: i have it on my spine as well slip disc on my L5 norrowing the space around my nerves and waiting to find out if i also have it on my knee too :(

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