Post op convalescence options

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I wonder if you can give me an idea about post-op care available so that I can know what to request when I go for my pre-op next week.
I'm due to have ankle surgery but my home life is very complicated.
My adult daughter has a mental illness which, although she functions ok, makes her very emotional and quick to react (not physically).
She went to live with a friends parents recently but has had to leave her large 8month old dog here as they can't have her. She returns daily to walk her dog and will move back into the house while I'm in hospital to care for her.
I am aware that I will simply not be able to weight bear for some 6 weeks after the op and will find it impossible to manage at home on my own with the dog.
Because of the nature of my daughter's illness and the emotional upset it will also be unthinkable for her to be here and continue to see to the dog once I'm discharged.
Is there such a thing as convalescence homes these days as I strongly feel it would be better for me to recover away from the home. I'm 57.
Many thanks.


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    Hi There

    I thought that maybe your doctor or hospital would be able to help you with that .Does your daughter have a social worker that could help you ?Hope all goes well for you .

    karen xx
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    Hi Clara

    Thanks for your posting.

    Usually post operative care is arranged by Social Services or an Occupational Therapist in the hospital.

    You can explain your situation to them in the hospital and hopefully they can arrange the level of care you require and whether it is possible for you to stay away from home during your recovery period.


    Helplines Team
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    Thank you for your replies,

    I'll hopefully get a better idea of what is available at the pre-op and make sure that I have something in place or, alternatively, defer the op until my daughter finds somewhere to live where she can have her dog.

    It's all terribly upsetting at the moment - we are all waiting and hoping for treatment sessions to begin soon and hope that, with time, we can settle back into the happy family we used to be.


    ps clankyclara was a nickname from schooldays. Seems rather more apt now :lol: