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:) Hi, A bit of a long one affraid..

I woke up 3 weeks ago with my right hand swollen and very painfull,I have had bloods taken the day before from the hand,so thought it due to that.

Woke up this morning to my left hand swollen painfull all up my arm too.

I have been to see my GP this morning,and she wants me to have a blood test tomorrow,Arthritis is what she thinks I have,as my hands are burning my joints are very painfull,I am very upset of this as I already have Diabetes type 2 and Carpol Tunnel,My Gp has prescribed me Tablets,to be collected in the morning,not sure of the name as of yet.

I am very worried so decided to join this forum this evening to learn more on the condition....

I am all hot,my hands are burning can any one give advice please... :(


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    Hi helen

    I am so sorry about your poor hands :( But you ARE in the right place.

    Your Gp is testing for inflammatory type arthritises with his blood tests. he may also send you for Xrays later on to check for any degeneration in the joints.

    I suspect he has prescribed you some anti inflammatories or painkillers to help with the pain. They may also take your temperature down as you say you are hot. Please remember to emntion the temperauture and any fatugue when you see medical people it is relevant.

    If the bloods come back positive he should refer you to see a rheumatologist who can diagnose which one and prescribe you something to control the disease. They are called disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs or DMARDs. Some of the inflammatory arthritises do not give positive bloods so he may refer you to rheumatology anyway which is what happened to me.

    If Xrays showed evidence of osteo arthritis and its bad he may refer you to an orthopeadic surgeon.

    What l can say is that even with a diagnosis of arthritis life is not over. It will be different, but mine has been fine :) Best advice l can give is to read relaible info (like on here) and keep talking like on here :wink: as it can save our loved ones getting too upset or in my case BORED!!!!!

    Lovely to meet you anyway sorry about the circumstances.

    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx
  • stickywicket
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. This must have come as quite a shock to you, especially as you have other health problems. Fortunately, your GP seems to be very much on the ball and that is an excellent thing as some people seem to go for a long time before their docs pay any real attention to them.

    The blood test will hopefully - though it's not always quite so easy - determine whether or not you have some inflammatory form of arthritis and the tablets will hopefully help to control it and ease your pain until you can see a rheumatologist.

    Meanwhile just keep talking to us as we do understand how painful arthritis (if that's what it is) can be when it's not under control. If you tell us tomorrow what the tablets are called I'm sure some of us on here will have experience of them.

    I hope the pain will let you sleep tonight. Do you have any pain relief in the house?

    Ah I see frogmorton has nipped in there before with some excellent advice (as usual). Take care, now, and keep talking to us.
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  • Numptydumpty
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    Hi Helenwales, welcome to the forum. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad, but you are in the right place for help and advice.
    Wishing you well,
  • valval
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    hi welcome wrap some peas in towel and place your hands on it for 10 min might help a bit with the heat for stiffness use wheat bag heated in micro. please do not worry there are some great meds these days which do help with the exhaustion we are here if you need us ask anything i do always some one can answer or give advice val
  • tjt6768
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    hi Helen. A huge welcome from me too. It can all seem very overwhelming at first but there will always be someone on here with advice and/or support..

    I wish you all the best, hope they get you on some good treatment fast.
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  • dreamdaisy
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    Oh dear, poor you. :( I am so sorry but I think you are in the right place for help and support. My hands hurt, it is miserable isn't it? As your GP has requested a blood test my thinking is that she is suspecting an auto-immune type of arthritis - I have one of those and that has led to osteo-arthritis in some joints but I am me and not you. Please keep in touch and do let us know what the bloods show. Keep your hands cool however you can, either use a chilled compress or soak them in a bowl of cold water, don't be afraid to use the pain relief that is available to you and I hope things improve soon. Take care. DD
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  • hileena111
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    Hi Helen
    Welcome to the forum......yes frogmorton got in before us :lol: and did give you some very good advice.
    Keep coming on and keeping us up to date on whats happening and bit by bit we will bve able to give you more information

  • julie47
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    hello Helen

    a big welcome to the forum from me :D

    I am sorry that you are feeling so well at the moment :( I hope that when you have the blood test results the doctor is then able to help you.

    Love and hugs

    Julie PF X
  • barbara12
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    Hi Helen
    And a very warm welcome from me, like the others have said, you have come to the right place for help and advice, you let us know what the blood test show, and dont forget you can always come on for a chat or a rant.
    You take are xx
  • bubbadog
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    Hi Helen welcome to AC hope you enjoy as well as find the site helpful. Everyone is soo friendly, you can ask any of us a question and we will try and answer it for you. Look forward to seeing you taking part on the forum, Welcome again! :)
  • dreamdaisy
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    Hello Helen, how are things today? I've been asked by Julie to post a small apology - on her reply she meant it to say 'unwell' - she has just bought some speaking software and the computer and her can be a little out of sync, they are still trying to get attuned. DD
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  • Heather65
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    Hi Helen and welcome,poor you its a worry when things go wrong and your not sure what it is hopefully the docs will sort it out for you .
    You can always come on here for a chat and i find that helps :)
  • pinkbritishstars
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    welcome to the forum Helen - great to meet you but sorry that you had to find us :-(

    Hope you soon get put on relevant treatment.

  • dippydoodah
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    huge welcome to the forum from me too. been here myself for a few years but only recently returned after a break away. you couldnt be in amongst a better bunch of people for help, support and advice. the best place to come with any worries you have instead of scaring yourself silly with some of those internet sites

    like others have already said, he will be testing to see if there is any inflammation/swellings in your hands and depending on the results, refer for further treatment.

    so sorry to hear you're having to suffer though and it is overwhelming to begin with but it doesnt mean you have to stop living, just change things slightly :)

    hope you get some answers from your tests and let us know how you get on.

    gentle hugs xxx
  • dachshund
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    Hello Helen.
    welcome to the forum everyone's so kind and helpfull just write in if you have a problem.
    have you looked at chit chat very interesting.
    take care.
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
  • frogmorton
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    Hoping you are feeling ok today Helen and that all these lovely messages have helped you feel a LOT better


    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx
  • Shooter
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    hello hellen its enough having type two isn't it without the hassle of oa what fun just more begging the doctors for pills and potions
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