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Hello I'm Lorraine and I'm new here. I have not been diagnosed with arthritis although my GP did suggest once I may have rheumatoid arthritis but a very unhelpful rheumatologist dismissed this totally as I didn't have rheumatoid factor in my blood.

However my sister has been diagnosed with seronegative arthritis and I am not sure if there is a family link and if I should persue this with my doctor.

I have suffered for the last 15 years with muscle/joint pain and aches. I have been tested for thyroid disorder, cushing's disease. I have been told that it could be fybromyalgia, lupus, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis etc etc. My blood tests have shown nothing other than a low vitamin d level (only slightly low).

I have had a total hip replacement at age 53 but was told that I had had congenital hip dysplasia but had somehow had no problems all my life! I would also mentiion that there is an awful lot of ulcerative colitis in my family and that I had it myself in 1983 but it has been in remission for about 20 years now.

Would love to hear from anybody else who has had similar problems or who has seronegative arthritis like my sister.

Thanks everyone