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Had another meeting with my line manager, HR manager and my union rep. Thought it went well.......asked if cutting my hours would help, no as whether I am at work or home doesn't make a difference to my pain levels. HR asked 'is it an autoimmune thing?' (These questions coming from someone who works in the healthboard!!) Yes it is and that means that when there are bugs going about the office I am more prone to catching them which means time off sick again and ever worsening sick record. Was told that I have to have 100% attendance between meeting and July, back into work for a couple of days after meeting and another flare up strikes, personally I think it is due to stress, everyone keeps saying to my face not to worry about it that I have a condition and its not like am skiving to sit in sun (which doesnt help matters either!) I am now on second week off on instructions from GP but am worrying myself sick as got letter in regarding the meeting and it has a paragraph in it stating that if my attendance does not improve they may initiate proceedings that may see me lose my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am at my wits end and don't know what to do, I cannot afford to cut my working week to benefit my health, it wouldnt work anyway, I am trying to play their game and have done all they have recommended, the union rep stated that as it was absences due to my condition there shouldnt be a prob but am starting to panic that they want me out the door. :cry:


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    Hi Rallymad

    Sorry this is happening too you it must be awful .Some suggested in another post that maybe the citizans advice maybe able to help .Has the union rep been helpful .

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    I know what you are going through
    I have battled with HR & my line manager for years
    Even had a written warning as my sickness was 4.8% not the 3.9% they allow no consideration for my arthritis which I have in nearly all my joints!
    Went to appeal & lost! How can you win when they can not comprehend the fact that pain is 24/7!
    Im now going down the Ill Health Retirement route & just had my paperwork so here goes yet more stress!
    I forgot to mention I work in the health profession so you would think there was some care & compassion but no!
    Make sure you keep all you letters from HR & keep accurate records for yourself HR are not always truthful
    Keep fighting do not let them get you down
    Take care Maria
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    I forgot if you wish to pm me thats fine theres so much more I can tell you
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    Im sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. Im fairly new to this forum and have been sick from work since Feb. I have struggled into work for more than 3 yrs- not knowing until Jan 2012 that the pain ive neen in is Psoriatic Arthritis. I have PA, Phsoriasis,and regular bouts of Euvitis/Iritis. All these years on I now have an answer for why I feel so tried/ cant function some days/ why i have constant pain in my feet ( theres me thinking it was my weight cos my GP put everything down to that!) pain in my shoulders and my hands. I too am worried about work. I am about to have a shoulder op to remove large bone spurs and bursitis-I can only have one shoulder done at a time and intend to have both done. I am unlikely to return to work for some time. It has been a journey of tremendous emotions-I kept going sick with various conditions and my sick record over the last few years has been awful. I hate that because I used to pride myself on having a good attendance record.I am a manager working in a bank. My employer has been to visit me whilst Ive been off and told me not to worry- they can help-find me another branch nearer to my home ( I have a hour journey each way in traffic) or find me another job. But like you, I am worried about the future- I will be in pain whatever job I do. I take methotrexate every tues and every weds I feel so sick for a whole day I dont go out of the house. I am told I am in early stages of PA ( if this is "early stages pain" I dread the future!)but have had severe phsoriasis for a couple years- that too gives me pain. I went to my GP in Feb as I felt that I couldnt go on working-I had my 4th bowt of iritis and couldnt see and felt like I had hit a brick wall. Just having been diagnosed was such a mixed bag of emotions.relief- Im not going mad, so thats why I have pain. Anxiety- its in my feet and hands - I have days where I cant open a jar or hold a knife and fork- what does the future hold- and so on and so on.
    I had a call from my Occupationl health which I was dreading- I went through everything and the call lasted a hour. The agent was great and he had such an extensive knowledge of my conditions that he really understood- He actually said he didnt know how ive been working. I was so reassured.They have now sent for my medical records. What I will say is that before my discussion with them I kept a diary- in it I wrote how I felt, what and where the pain was, how it affected me both mentally and physically. I used this to form part of my discussion. I was so afraid I wouldnt be believed or that I was shirking work. I also went back to my GP half way through my sick note to update him on how I was, again I used my book as reference. I was afraid that he would think I must be ok and when I go back for another note he may think as I havent been back I must be ok. My GP told me not to worry and was very reassuring.What my future holds I do not know - I will have regular meetings with my employer. I can see from one response that someone has said they have paperwork for ill health retirement. I know some people in my profession has had this but dont know if and how I qualify for it. If I did I would take it because although Im finding life hard Its a lot more managable when I havent got to get up at 6am for work. I am often so tired I cant get out of bed until 10! If my colleagues knew that they too would think Im skivin & having a jolly too! I am also seeing a phsychologist who has helped me tremendously- speak to your Gp about whats happening at work- your HR or occupational health should have known that you have an auto immune disease and done some research. Of course they want you back to work but surely they need to support you more so that if and when you return you are less stressed and more able to cope! I wish you well and hope that they get their act together! KEEP A DIARY of how you feel regarding your illness and very importantly what your employers are saying and doing ( or not)to help you!- good luck x
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    Thanks for your reply guys, on this site we know we are not alone in this crusade!!
    I have spoken to my GP and occ health but don't seem to be getting anywhere as all reasonable adjustments have been made etc. I am not letting them bully me into losing a days work either!! Have found out that the cholestorel tablets am taking are now accounting for joint and muscular pain!! Am now on further two week sick leave and did speak directly to my line manager who to my face is all sympathy etc but she is a bully. When I am feeling more confident I will tackle her. I am only coming up on 40 so have a long way to go, I don't want to give in but as DLA seem to think I can manage on my own I don't have the 'luxury' and yes I know that might seem a bit cheeky to the guys who have it but I am sure like me you would all rather be off it and be 'normal' :(. Hey ho will live to fight another day I suppose x