Redundant and due for ATOS Medical

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Hi all... I have learnt this week after being off sick for nearly a year that I am being made redundant as from Friday, in itself that isn't too much of an issue as I don't think I could go back if I am honest. Tonight I had a call from atos booking a medical for the 4th of July :shock: Now this does worry me after reading so many horror stories lately, so I suppose I have 2 questions really:-
    1. How does redundancy money affect ESA/HB etc..? 2. Any tips in preparing for the medical with atos ?


  • valval
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    could you not put in for??? can not think what it called but where they get rid of you on ill health sure you would be better off some one will know head bit fuzzy today sorry.
    good luck val
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    I know how you feel... I have basically been offered voluntary redundancy due to long term sick/ill health, my GP and rumy nurse suggested last month that it was time for me to consider ill health retirement so the offer from work dropped in right. Not too happy with the thought of losing my job though :cry: I enjoyed it and it was GOOD money but when my GP suggested the above it came as a shock really and then I failed my LGV medical on eye sight regs and neck curvature problems which would have meant I couldn't continue in my job any way. Just stressed about ATOS and losing benefits due to redundancy (which will be used to pay debts).