Degenerative disc disease and ill health retirement

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I was diagnosed with DDD 2 years ago, but the pain has become much worse in recent months. I want to go for early retirement on the grounds of ill health (I work full-time and my work involves extensive keyboard use, which, despite adjustments put in place for me shortly after diagnosis, is becoming increasingly difficult). My doctor is willing to support my application and I've just spoken to one of my bosses, who was quite understanding and said that the first thing to do is get referred to one of our independent medical advisers. So, I'm setting the ball rolling...

Has anyone reading this been successful in obtaining ill-health retirement due to this or a similar condition?


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    Sorry i cannot help you but good luck , someone will be along to help you soon.

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    DDD is just one of the names for Osteoartgritis in the back and neck.

    You wouldn't qualify for IHR retirement in a physical job with just DDD.

    With this in mind I would suspect it would be nigh on impossible to qualify for it in the working scenario you have mentioned.

    The most common place for DDD when in your thirties appears to be cervical from my research and experience.

    I think you need to discuss treatment options with your GP and get a referral to a Pain Clinic and possible some physiotherapy will help. You can access physio privately if there is a waiting list as whilst awaiting NHS appointments hour a week a less then £20/30 an hour(region dependant) will give some relief aswell as exercises to assist with self management.

    I was diagnosed with DDD in 2003 and continued an the 999 Ambulance Service till last year. But my IHR was due to my RA and Fibro. And I was advised that I wouldn't have got it for DDD on.its own or as the main complaint.
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    I also have DDD plus O/A in lots of other joints, I was granted Ill-health retirement from the Ambulance service after I'd had my first THR , I'd had the DDD in my spine for about 8yrs before I retired it was only because of the other joint problems that my ill-health retirement was granted.
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    I got IHR for DDD. If your GP is willing to support you then you stand a good chance, GPs have seen it all before!.