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Good day to all. I am a lady of 63 retired from work some three years now, was an administrator at a Uni. Now I have had arthritis for over twenty years. I have a pup of 17 months a rescue lab crossed with a collie, grayhound and 57 other varieties I expect. I also have a pony, a fell who I ride with the help of my daughter, I have taken up watercolour painting and do a bit of gardening.


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    Hello tinkmin, it's lovely to meet you and you sound as though you are keeping yourself busy! I don't have any pets and am not that fond of gardening but many on here are - in fact there is a gardening thread on the CC forum. How recently did you start doing watercolour? That is one of my favourite mediums - I cannot do it myself (thanks to a total lack of talent) but I very much admire those who can. I hope you soon settle in here and I look forward to seeing your name here and there. DD
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    Hello tinkmin and welcome from me too. You sound to have plenty to keep you going there whatever form your arthritis takes. Mine's RA and I used to do Riding for the Disabled until my knee revision. Now I just have an exercise horse - cheaper to run, doesn't eat carrots or mints but also doesn't nuzzle you. There are one or two horse riders on here. Please don't stand on ceremony. Just join in wherever you wish.
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    I am new to this forum as well. Have found people really friendly and helpful with advice. I love gardening although cannot do very much now, also have animals, a husky and a family of cats. I took early retirement a couple of months ago which has helped with the RA.
    Saph x
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    Hi Tinkman

    Welcome to the forum , i have 2dogs and 4 cats ,just been diagnosed with R A .

    Karen XX