Everyone suffering from rhematoid arthritis, Help needed!

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Ok so i would like to know how the earliest of the symptoms of rheumatoid started for different individual.

I am a but worrried i might have it, but really unsure:

I am 25 have pain in my left knee and i only have when walking up and down the stairs never when walking or bending. The pain is not continuous.

No swellling, no tenderness, no redness, no lumps, no fever.

No pain in morning or after resting, no pain after physcial activity.

I may be focussing too much in the different things happening in my body, but i feel like i have pain in my fingers.

How did your early symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis start?


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    I am not sure if I can help very much. I have just been diagnosed with RA, I am 23 and tbh it has all been a bit of a shock.

    For years I have notice aches and pains in different joins... I put it down to going out/wearing stupid shoes/not looking after myself/playing silly sports or doing too much. Then at the beginning of this year I woke up one morning and I couldn't move (which sounds very dramatic) but since then I have had sever pain in my hands and feet and some days it feels like my entire body has just given in.

    I coped with it for 2 weeks, I hate visiting doctors, and then gave in.
    I know this is very different to what your experiencing but the information my rhemotologists has given me says only 1 in 5 people are 'hit' suddenly like me.. and for others pain develops sometimes over years....

    I would suggest going to the doctors, and tell them your concerns. The one thing that has resonated with me is the importance of getting a diagnosis asap... then you can prevent further joint damage if it is RA that you have... and if not then it can put your mind at ease quickly!!

    I hope this has helped at all.... there are people on here that are much more knowledgeable and helpful than I can be!! I know from my very short experience everyone on here is great!!

    :) x
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    I used to train to run half marathons from the beginning of March till sometime in October. One march, I set out on a 3 mile run but, after a mile, my feet and knees were too painful to continue. I thought it was because I hadn't done much exercise during that winter. I tried to run for the next month and then went to see my GP. He asked me if my hands were painful. They were but I didn't really think that was a problem. He sent me to the rheumatologist who diagnosed me over a period of time.

    One thing I was told, and have read, is that the pain and inflammation affects both sides of the body and almost always starts with the hands (although not always). If it is only 1 knee and nowhere else, the chances are it isn't RA. Maybe a trip to your GP will sort it out for you.
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    I got diganosed 5 weeks ago and i am 29 nearly 30 with ra and the rhematologist said its like butterfly effect on your joints. i have lumps on my wrists sore ankle to the point i can wear heels. i have sore knees. all round sore but in the last 5 weeks i have got a lot better i was shuffling around but now able to walk normal now. was horrible. if u think you have got it ask the doctor/ nurse to check your rhematoid factor mine went up 2 79 but is now back down to 30 which is much better.. normal should be 15.

    any other questions do not hesitate to ask.
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    I have R A ,I found out after having a blood test .So a trip to the GP is on the cards .

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    Hey :)

    I was diagnosed at 17, and was dragged by my mum after my feet swelled and ached after a shift working at a local pub as a waitress.

    Prior to this I was very active at school in all sports, at least once a day. As i left school and stopped these, Im not sure if this triggered it.

    Next month I will have my right knee replaced. Im 22 now - so in my opinion, the doctor can rule this out with a simple blood test so go see them!!

    Hope this helps :)