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Hi all,
I woke up in the early hours of the morning as Doris, my cat was purring like an engine right next to me, turned on the light and gasped as she had a dead mouse between her paws, right on my pillow! don't think I've ever moved so fast without letting the morning meds kick in. Is wonderful what a bit of adrenalin from fear can do.
Saph x


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    Ye Gods no wonder you were startled by that, I has a simlar experience a few years ago, I was working nights and was in bed in summer(not easy to sleep in the heat) I had ear plugs in and was totally out when a Jaguar aircraft decided to do a very low high speed run over our house, it was displaying at RAF Benson, this thing was so loud the next thing I knew was I found myself by the bedroom window in a state of partial sleep and complete and utter panic, I thought the house had colapsed, my heart nearly came through my chest, it was awful.
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    Bubba was a proper tom cat and he always brought us 'presents'! Usually birds still alive so they where flapping about while I chased Bubba as quick as I could around the house to get him to drop it! I always had the Benny Hill music in my head while doing it for some reason!! He also liked door mice and once he managed to catch a bat!! Luckily he never got on the bed with our presents he mainly left them at the bottom of the stairs. OH managed to stand on a door mouse once while still half a sleep bare footed!! :o The worst thing he did was catch a pigeon and rip it to shereds leaving it's head, body and wings spread across the kitchen my OH stopped me from going in because he said it was the most gruesome sight he had ever seen!! I told Bubba everytime he left a mouse or bird as a present, I would much prefer a box of chocolates!!
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    Oh Saphire!

    you must have been terrified!(then horrified!)

    My daisycat brings me prezzies sometimes up to 4 times daily :( Morehens pigeons magpies mice baby birds....the list is endless :(

    I save what I can - the vets have fallen out with me I think :wink:


    Toni xxx

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