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I have recently been diagnosed with AS after having pain in my back since I was 16. It was only after 35 that things really kicked in with having 4 bout of Iritis and my neck, ankle, jaw and now wrist problems! AS seems to pick and choose what will swell up next.... I have been taking Naproxen for about a year which now seems to not be working so well and am being assesed for Anti TNF at the moment. Has anyone any knowledge or experience of this? Having read a bit about Anti TNF it sounds quite scary :|

Thanks :)


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    Hello Loubie12. It's good to meet you but I'm sorry you had to find us.

    I'm afraid it's the nature of the beast, isn't it, that it moves around? Mine's RA but that does the same thing.

    I've never taken anti-tnfs as DMARDS work well for me but a lot on here have and do take them. All these meds scare people at first but you will be very well monitored while on them so any problems will be picked up quickly.

    I suggest you post this on the Living With Arthritis forum as that's where most people hang out and I'm sure you'll get several replies on there from people who know much more about anti-tnfs than I do.
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    Hi Loubi12

    sorry i have R A , but thought i would introduce myself .

    karen xx
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    Hi Loubi,

    I am new too since yesterday and i haven't been diagnosed yet as still waiting for appointment with ruma. my GP told me it was 100% arthritis but need to find which one, she thinki it is osteoarthritis.

    my problem started about 2 months ago with pain in right wrist (which i thought it was tendonitis) had a splint to were but that didn't work, starting to have pain a little later in some right hand fingers but i started to think this is not tendonitis when the same pain started on the left wrist then fingers, now all 10 fingers are really sore but only from the bottom knukkle down to hand knukkles, it seems that my ankles are now packing too and my neck. every single pain i have are the same, but just different area adding up, pffff.

    Went today to my GP (as still waiting for RUMA) and started a course of oral steroids as too many joints are affected and she didn't want to inject me.

    Naproxyn never did anything for me but painful stomach, my dad did give me some BREXINE which they are FANTASTIC, they are special for sensitive and ulcer stomach, and they work on the pain, the only problem is that we can only get them in Belgium and Luxembourg, i am going to buy a lot when i go back home, hihi.

    Hope you find this forum great, i think it did open my eyes by having some little advice from other people suffering too.

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    Thanks for your replies. Having a 'better' day today so feeling not so bad. My whole day seems to stem on how I wake in the morning. Thanks again and see you on here no doubt :)
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    Hello Loubie welcome to the forum nice to meet you. Anti tnfs yes they can be scary as if we wern't scared enough. All i can say is if they find one that suits you, you will be much better I have been on them all had some good times and had my share of bad. I'm on Rituximab now and its made a new person of me so it was worth it. Hope your feeling better soon and stay positive they will find something to ease your pain.