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i am new to this site so hope i am doing the right thing, i just wanted to say hello i am Claire 41 and back in march i was told i have fibro and sleep apena as well really bad headaches( about 8 headaches a month if not more) i have been unwell for 4 years now but the doctors have only just believed me, i joined this site to see if there is anyone on here with the same as me, and wanted to ask people i don't sleep very well i wake up at least 6 tines a night if anyone else is like that what do you do if anything to help you sleep?


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    Hi Cb2

    Sorry i cannot help you i have R A ,Some one will be along soon to help i thought i would say hello and bump you up the forum .

    karen xx
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    Hello Claire. Of course you're doing the right thing. You're even in the right place which is more than I managed on my first visit.

    There's a fair bit of fibro about on here, though I don't have it - mine's RA. I don't know about sleep apnoea. I don't think it's something that comes up often although lack of sleep certainly does.

    I'm normally pretty good at sleeping. I take as few paindullers as possible during the day so that any I do take (and I take them going to bed) have a bit more oopht about them. Having said that. I currently have a problem with my foot and may need to use someting stronger for a while if it doesn't sort itself out soon.

    If you post your thread on the Living With Arthritis forum, I'm sure you'll get more replies.
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    Hi Claire,

    Welcome to the forum. Like the others, I don't have fibro, I have RA. It sounds like you've got a lot going on with the sleep apnea as well. Tiredness must be a huge problem as when you have apnoic episodes the body naturally wakes you up. Have you been given a CPAP device to stop the apnoic episodes? I know some get huge relief from this and manage to get an uniterrupted sleep - however, they don't have fibro as well!

    I'm sure some with fibro will be along shortly

    Look forward to seeing you posting
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    Hi Claire and welcome here.

    im new here too but did say hello on the living with arthritis (sully me, lol)

    I do not know yet what i have but have joint pain all over my body and sleep well but waking up early and once im awake the pain start again.

    I am sure that someone here will be able to help you.

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    thanks guys for all your help i think i have found the right site now, i do wear a CPAP mask which does help but sadly doesnt keep me asleep, i wish something would!!
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    Hello Claire and welcome to Arthritis care yes of course you done the right thing. you will probably find that lots of people on the site have experienced simula problems as yourself. However Claire dont be affraid of using the other forums as you will meet more people.
    "Sleep whats that" have you been given the mask yet. i also have sleep sleep apea. Fibro (FM), RA, PsA, Along with lots of other stuff. You got me on a bad day. I know how bad you feel when you just cant get enough sleep and how ill it can make you feel. It also seems to make all your other problems worse. I understand what your saying about your GP it takes some of them a long time for the penny to drop whils we go on suffering. Try to post on Living with arthritis and you will get a better responce and if your feeling down lots of people to help you out. Take care and ill look out for you on the other forums.