hip arthritis 42 years, saying hello

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Hi everyone,
I've had this condition for a few year but still learning all the time how to manage it. Be great to chat to people about the right trainers, chairs extra, hense coming oto the site. Very best to you all and looking forward to chatting to some of you! l2ou


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    Welcome to the forum

    Sorry i have a feet problem , but people will be along to chat to you soon .

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    Hello12ou and welcome from me too.

    I don't know what type of arthritis you have. Mine is RA, I've had it for years and am the proud owner of several new joints. I think we're all still learning how to manage it. It's not a static thing and, just as we learn how to cope with one stupid joint, another decides to join the party.

    Have you read the 'Simple Ideas....' thread on Living With Arthritis? There are lots of tips on there. LWA also has a thread on suitable footwear. Ask anything you like on there. It's where most people hang out.
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    Hello nice to meet you, i'm sure you will find someone with the same thing as you . You should post on the Living With Arthritis or chi chat and meet more people.
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    Hi and welcome from me too,

    I have OA in hips along with other things lol..

    As sticky suggested there is a great thread with helpful tips and ideas..

    Hope you enjoy the forum, look forward to seeing you around
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    Hey thank-you all for your replies! Ah great stuff lovely to hear from you all...will head over to living with arthritis.
    very best L2ou

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