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5 weeks ago I had the ball and socket of my left hip taken away,
and I wondered if anyone out there has had similar and how life
is now for him/her? I know its called a GIRDLESTONE PROCEDURE but
there isn't much information about it. HELP PLEASE SOMEONE!


  • elnafinn
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    Hi Cymraes

    This procedure has been mentioned in the past on the Living with Arthritis forum and here is one link in case it may be of some help to you:

    Do join us on the LWA zone. Even if we cannot help, we will most certainly welcome you.

    Elna x (forum member)
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    Hi Cymraes,

    At Helplines we don't have contacts of people who have experience of particular kinds of surgery. I do have a family member who had this procedure done a long time ago, and she had to do quite a lot of physiotherapy as she surgically recovered (it was over 20 years ago and things have changed a great deal since those days).

    But as this procedure is relatively rare you may find that it's the health professionals who are more useful to you (because patients will be difficult to find) - the Occupational Therapists / Physios who you consult as you tackle any problems will be key I'd imagine.

    If you would like to talk things over you are always welcome to ring us for support. We are not medicaly qualified.

    I hope we can help