Hello on behalf of my elderly Mum

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Just to say hello :)

My 76 year old mother has just been given a date (in a fortnight) for her pre-op assesment regarding her hip replacement operation.

Obviously we're both relieved and nervous, but the main problem is that Mum has also had terrible sciatica for a couple of years and she's worried that although the pain in her arthritic hip is intense she may be 'stuck' with the sciatic pain after the operation. :(

These combined problems are giving her problems with her knees as well and her stance is very twisted, so obviously something needs to be done, but we're both wondering if it isn't a case of 'out of the frying pan'...)

I'm just so worried for her - in other respects she's as fit as a flea although she's a tiny little thing only weighing 7 stones.

I'm not sure what I'm even asking to be honest; I will be with her at the hospital for the pre-op, so hopefully more information then.

We're a disgustingly healthy family on the whole, so have very little idea of what to expect although we'll be reading up on all the info we can.

Pippin xx


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    Hello Pippin. Welcome to the forum. It's always nice to be 'talking' to concerned relatives as it's good to know so many relatives care enough to post on a forum such as this.

    Right, as a veteran or 2 hip replacements (not to mention 3 knees - I'm a glutton for punishment :roll:) I suspect what you'd really like is a bit of reassurance. Well, hips (THRs) are a very common, very successful op and, if your Mum is fit and healthy in other espects to begin with, she has a head start.

    I can't advise on the sciatica as I'm not a doc but it might be worth asking her GP or surgeon (In fact, if it were me, I'd make sure the surgeon knew about it) because I'm just wondering if the new hip might actually ease the sciatica rather than worsen it. It could take pressure off the nerve but, as I said, I'm only guessing.

    The problems with her knees might be a separate problem but there is such a thing as 'referred pain' ie My hip hurts. I walk/hold myself differently to compensate. My knee hurts. So, again, the new hip might very well help rather than hinder. Before I had my last new knee, all the pain was in the ankle below it. The ankle was fine and is, again, now.

    I know people's experiences vary and hospitals vary. Mine is brilliant and always gives pre-op as well as post-op exercises at the pre-op assessment. I can't stress how valuable these are both pre and post op. They get the muscles in a better place to cope and strong muscles help recovery and aid the success of the op. I've had no problems with any of my prostheses. The TKR which was replaced was 27 years old. My other one is still going at 31.

    Please feel free to ask anything else you wish. You'll get a better response on the Living With Arthritis forum as far more people go on there.
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    Thanks for your kind reply stickywicket - and I'm glad all your surgery has been successful!

    The surgeon at the hospital Mum is attending does know about the sciatica problem so hopefully he'll have some suggestions or answers for us.

    I'm lucky that I only live a mile from Mum so she'll be getting all the help that me and my husband can give her - and she lives in a bungalow which can't be bad. :)

    I'll definately post on the other board too; thanks again and take care,

    Pippin xx

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