Help - JSA? ESA appeal?

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Sorry - this is going to be a bit long. :?

I recieved my dreaded letter from DWP (eventually) on Saturday to say I )had 0 points and therefore would not be getting ESA from 25th May??
I received a full payment Friday 4th July, so that seems strange, although not complaining about that.

I am 61 in September and only have 8 months to go to state retirement so wondered if it was worth all the hastle of appealing for such a short time. "Would it be better to go on JSA?", I thought.

I have looked at the options today and rang DWP up about JSA. When they asked me if I was able to work I was a bit stumped as I don't think I can and my GP doesn't either as I have a sick note until 29th August.
He has said he will support me if I appeal.
I couldn't lie and say "yes I can work and I will be actively looking for a job" because I don't believe I can and I wouldn't.

The outcome of that was that the nice lady I was speaking to filled her questonaire in, which said I couldn't get JSA unless I was able to work.

I tried to get an appointment with a DIAL advisor yesterday and they have quite a long waiting list. I spoke to one of their advisors who sent me off to ring the DWP benefits helpline to see what I could claim. I got the impression that my 8 months wouldn't be worth them getting involved and that they were 'moving me on'.

I am now left with my final option which is appealing the ESA decision on my own and just don't know where to start.

They pulled my application to bits and much of what they ask and need to know does not apply to someone with spinal arthritis. Some days I can get a meal, do the washing, etc. I can dress myself and take a shower. However to hold a job down when just 5-10 minutes gardening or swimming can put me out of action for a week seems nigh on impossible.

Can the help team give me any advice on how to get it through to the ESA people that I am not putting it on and would not be able to get a job let alone keep it. I've read through my original form and I told them on that how I am, but they seem to have ignored or twisted what I put.