JIA and coeliac

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Hi. Been to see the consultant today who was very pleased with Grace's progress JIA wise but worried about her failure to thrive. She's 3 1/2 and for the last 3 weigh ins has lost weight going from 10.10kg to 9.9 and today 9.5. She is on a high calorie diet but doesn't have much appetite.
The consultant thinks she may be coeliac even tho she doesn't have any of the classic symptoms.
I was just wondering if anyone else has experience of JIA and coeliac?
Any opinion gratefully accepted!!


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    My daughter is 6 and until recently was being closely monitored because she is small and there were some blood tests done for coeliac disease which is also autoimmune. Test was negative and she recently started to grow now her inflammation is controlled well with meths and Humira. I have a friend with a daughter - similar issue and same test s done plus more growth hormone type tests. Personally i think if the body is busy fighting inflammation it isn't busy growing ?? Something has to be sacrificed. My cons also doesnt hold much stock in this link but i wouuld encourage research. Also, repeated use of systemic/intra-articular steroids also has an impact on growth. Just my thoughts but would be interested to know your outcome.
    Sam. x
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    Hi Sam
    Thanks for the reply. Our consultant dud suggest that because Grace had had inflammation for so long it could be why she so diddy! It's the weight loss I'm worried about, but I'm also thinking that if I didn't have something to worry about my life wouldn't feel normal!!!
    Will let you know results of bloods, she started methotrexate 4 weeks ago so just waiting for it to kick in now.
    Take care
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    Hi. Cant really help you with an answer but I'm sure they must be connected in some way. My 11 yr old daughter was diagnosed coeliac at age 2. My 13 yr old daughter was diagnosed with polyarticual JIA 4 months ago and is having a very bad time with it. Also my husband was diagnosed with MS 5 yrs ago. Hence me believing there is definately a link. Hope your little one is ok xxxxx
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    Hi my 3 1/2 year old son as just been diagonised with systemic jia, we have also had a phones call a few days ago to say that is blood test as tested positive for coeliac, we are now waiting to find out what will happen next. just to say i also have coeliac so cant say if they are related.