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I have been claiming the lowest rate of DLa for over a year as I had problems with my left shoulder. The reason I was given this amount was because I am unable to cook a meal for myself.The cause of the problem is due to Ostio athritus in the neck and spine. I had a op last October to remove some bone and also spurs from the shoulder.
I had been in alot of pain for nearly 2 years and lost my job through ill health. My doctor had told my employer that if I continued with my job it would only make me worse.
Previose to this I have degenorative discs in my lower and upper back, this was diagnosed 16 years ago and although painful I have tried to continue to lead an independant life. Since my op last year I have had alot of physio and was told that my left shoulder blade had dropped. Since October I have started to suffer with pains in my knees, hips,legs,elbows,hands,upper and lower back, neck, ears and back of head. I am totaly exhausted every day due to lack of sleep because I can't get comfortable. Every morning I have problems getting out of bed due to stiffness and pain and am very unsteady on my feet. I have to climb into the bath to have a shower wich is painful and last week when I was getting out of the bath, my hip and leg was so painful as I beared my weight on it that I fell and bruised my arm badly and had to go to the hospital to get it checked out. I reaplied for the higher rate of Dla because of my problems and have had a reply saying that I still am only entitled to the lowest rate. I use a walking stick to get around and even after sitting or standing for longer than 5 minutes I am in alot of pain, I have problems getting up from sitting position and find it very painful getting in and out of a car. I have informed them that I wished it to be looked at again and told the person at DlA that was happy to have a scan if needed to prove my problems. Scans have already been done along with xrays that shows my problems. My last scan was on my knees that showed I had fatty tissue and Athritis in the knee. What do you think my chances are of getting the higher rate as I need to adapt things in my home to make my life easier and get a blue badge if I can as walking is painful as well. Also the Job Centre are still telling me I am fit to work although I could not do an hours work without suffering, let alone a whole day. I am on citalipram for depession as I have been made to feel that their is nothing wrong with me.


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    Dear Elsa,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. I can really appreciate that things are tough at the moment for you. The way we recommend people to approach their benefit applications is not to go it alone, but to seek advice from specialist Welfare rights organisations. Very often ordinary mortals will get the wording slightly wrong and that will reduce their chances of success. The same applies to the ESA (fitness for work) situation.

    Here are some signposts to Welfare Rights organisations
    1st ring your local council and see if they have a Welfare Rights Unit
    2. Try your local
    4 your local CAB

    If you'd like to talk about how your arthritis is affecting you - please ring us.

    I hope we can help further.
    All the best