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I joined this site as I needed to see if everything I suffer is down to Ostio Athritis.
I have suffered for 15 years with degenerative dics but 3 years ago I was diagnosed with spinal oA and had to have an op on my shoulder to remove some bone and spurs as I lost the use of my left arm because of the pain and I could't move the arm without severe pain.
After this op I had Pyshio Therapy and was told my left shoulder blade had dropped and was given exercises to do to help.
Since October last year I have had so much pain in my hips, knees, lower and upper back and neck. I have to use a walking stick as i lose my balance due to pain in the hip and groin area when I walk. I have alot of burning sensation and alot of the time my elbows,hips ang legs are painful to touch . Trying to get up from a chair is impossible because of the pain in my hip after sitting for max of 10 minutes, and once im stood up I have to hold onto someone as I cant bear the pain until I have moved around a bit.
I have had xrays that show wear and tear on the hips and a scan on my kneese that show I have fatty tissue and Ostio Athritis. I am being told by ESA that I am fit to work with help. My problem is I feel that I am being pushed into doing these things and that no one believes the pain Im in.
I have always been Mrs Independant and have to have help to bath and dress is very degrading. I have been given anti depresants because these problems have caused me to feel totaly useless. I hope all this makes sense and that someone can say yes this is normal because right now I feel like higher up people think I am making it all up....sadly not the case. :?


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    Hello Elsa56. Welcome to the forum. You have a lot going on there, don’t you?

    I can tell you that a lot of people on here will understand exactly where you’re coming from with the pain and that you’re not ‘making it up’. This is what arthritis does to us.

    You don’t speak of pain relief though I presume you take some regularly. Maybe that needs changing. Also, maybe your GP could refer you to a Pain Clinic which would help you to manage your OA better. They help a lot of people.

    Have you seen an Occupational Therapist? They would almost certainly be able to help you to become independent again in washing and dressing. I have a bath lift which, combined with a grabber and my Dad’s old walking stick, enable me to be fully independent as far as bathing goes. And I have a stick thing that I use to help me get dressed. Also the sort of clothes you wear can make a big difference as to how independent you are.

    I wonder if, rather than a stick, you might find two sticks, a zimmer or a rollator more helpful. Your seat, also, could be raised to make standing up easier. A zimmer frame might help as it would be something to lean on until you get your balance. It’s horrible when you just have to stand for a few minutes until the leg ‘sorts itself out’.

    I’m sorry, I can’t help with ESA. If you copy this post to the Living With Arthritis forum I’m sure you’ll get more replies as more people look on there.

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