Time off work from being sick... reduce your pay level..

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We had an interesting meeting at work... we were all told that if we had time off work sick... we could/would have our pay reduced to the next band down.... Interestingly i am the only person that has been off sick recently but this is due to a child ramming me in the back late last year..... the law is changing ... does anyone know about this? I work in a school and it is to do with government changes!!!!!


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    I don't quite see how they can? Have you had it in writing?
    Only reason I don't think you can is because you have your band based on your qualifications/ job role? Unless its the sick pay that is being reduced? I work in nhs and at the moment my sick pay is full pay for 4 months and then the following 4 months is half pay.
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    Hi Lupin a similar thing happened to me earlier this year, I was told I was not entitled to pay during sickness.
    A few other colleagues were in a similar situation too.

    We were told to go to the jobcentre and apply for ESA if we were not entitled to ESA then the LA would pay us.

    They were lengthy forms but in my case a call to the tax office revealed they were mistaken and the tax office take up the case to put them straight with an immediate phone call.

    I was paid without hesitation and the mistake admitted by the LA.

    However those who only work 15 hours and so earned less than £107 on average over the previous 8 weeks had to go through the process which took up to 2 months before getting paid.

    Hope that helps

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