Ulnar deviation?

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I've had RA for 24 years. I am experiencing Ulnar Deviation properly for the first time as due to another condition I had to come off Meds for RA so the disease has run riot! Can anyone tell me if Ulnar Deviation corrects itself, gets better? I've just started on Biological Treatment and am hoping this will bring the rampant RA under control. What I don't know is if the deviation is for good now? Please say no !!! Thanks :shock:


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    Hi Lou2pat

    I can understand you being anxious about this and hope it doesnt affect you to much.

    The best thing to do is have a word with your rheumatologist or rheumatology nurse to see what is likely to happen regarding your Ulnar deviation.

    Hopefully starting on the Biological treatment will help.

    It may be worth posting this question on the Living with arthritis forum, as there may be some people on there who have had personal experience of this.

    You are welcome to ring us on 0808 800 4050 if you would like to have a chat about this.

    All the best

    Helplines Team
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    Thanks for your response. I will post it on the other forum as suggested and Yes I will ask my nurse or consultant. Blessings