Boss said outright that he won't pay the Access to Work

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Anyone got any tips on where to go now as boss will not pay for access to work full stop.

I'm actually quite upset, I think more coz of my deafness not my feet.

Access to work cost would of been £2000 but £1700 for my deafness and the rest for my arthritis.

If they get sent an access to work letter to say this is needed and to pay up, does the letter have some 'ump' if that makes sense.

I'm thinking about going to CAB maybe, do you think that would help?


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    sorry to hear the news

    after your last post > i would defo contact CAB

    once you had the assesment you should of received a folder with everything that was talked about and what equipment was required.
    your boss should have received a copy as well.
    as you done it yourself was the assesment carried out at your place of work or at your home and did you put your managers details down on the form.
    mine was arranged by my occupational health dept. after being sent by my boss.
    these are official documents and if your boss did receive it and then refuse to supply any equipment then you need to contact access to work to advise them that your boss has refused.

    i know its a catch 22 situation as you feel like you will be alienated as you are going against your boss or the company but if you are disabled then you are entitled to everything that was mentioned and this would be classed as discrimination as companys have a duty of care towards their staff.

    keep us updated on how things go.

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