Hot and sticky night

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Were you like me trying to find a cool piece of sheet last night.
I said to myself -
"You're never satisfied girl.
You complain if you're hot,
You complain if you're cold,
You complain if it's wet
And you complain if it's dry.
Get a life girl!"

Hubby is out on his trail bike today. He has been banned from riding the greenlanes by himself now as the other week he had a puncture, had to ride it five miles with a flat back tyre and then it took ages to repair. I said if he ever had an accident in the middle of nowhere I wouldn't have a clue where to find him. His mobile phone is now an antique model with poor battery strength and range but he refuses to buy a modern one says
they're too complicated.


  • Numptydumpty
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    I didn't bother with nighties or covers at all last night, :oops:
    It's a lot cooler today though.

    I always insist my OH tells me exactly where he's going when he goes for a run. Like you say, if something was to go wrong, it would help to have some idea where to find him. :shock:
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    Green lanes I can handle but we live near London and I have made it clear to my OH I will not come and rescue him if his scooter breaks down like I used to!(it is a frequent occurance). He can call his friends or the RAC.

    Hope he has a nice day out.

    E :D
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    They all meet for lunch at a small airfield, watch the light aircraft come and go and have a good natter, then a slow ride home. Once home, it's a soak in the bath and a sleep. Although, I must say there has been more life in him since he's been on his new blood pressure pills.

  • valval
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    if you go in phone shop and tell them you want basic phone they do have some not all singing and dancing
  • knuckleduster
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    I've told him that valval, but I think it's probably a case he would rather spend his money on a new something or other for one of his bikes. :roll:

    Hope you're enjoying the weather.

    Janet x
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    I'd just like to say I agree with anything K D says as I need the last few teeth I still have to chew me porridge of a morning!. :D
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    Took me a few seconds to work out what you meant mellman01, then I laughed.

    Janet x

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