Muscle pain above knee

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This may sound silly but here goes - I have OA in my knees and am on sustained release diclofenac which manages the discomfort quite well. However, I am curious about the fact that although my left knee is virutally pain free I am experiencing discomfort in the muscles above my knee, is this usual - it feels heavy, achy and at evenings is quite restless. At times it feels as though it is the muscle that wants to give way rather than the actual joint?

Any ideas - I hate to keep bothering my long suffering GP!



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    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for your message, your question is not silly at all. If you are affected by OA in one joint you can get referred pain in other areas including the muscles. So if your knee is affected this can cause you to experience pain in the muscles as they are taking some of the strain.

    It may be worth you asking your GP for a referral to a physiotherapist who can recommend good exercises to do to strengthen the muscles around the joint.

    Best Wishes
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    Thanks Adele - it just seemed strange that my muscles were hurting more than the knee and I was starting to worry about it a little.
    Sue :)
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    Dear Sue,

    I am a knee pain sufferer but physio by trade, and it's not at all uncommon. (i have exactly the same symptoms from RA as your describing ) Any time you have pain or inflammation in a joint, the muscles surrounding it will be affected and often weakened. You can therefore get pain from referred pain, or from the weakened muscles themselves, definatley get yourself some physio and theyll get you on the right course of exercises to relieve your symptoms.

    Hope you've already found someone by now, just thought I'd post invade it would be helpful. Penny