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Hello there :) , I had a TKR (I'm 48) on 17th July . I'm doing well with getting movement ect but I'm struggling with the Gabapentin (300 mg) they gave me when I left hospital , the only other thing I take is paracetamol if and when needed , I've been getting bad stomach ache , and just feeling "off" for a few days now so much so that I stopped taking them (the dose is one three times a day) but last night I started getting awful sharp pins and needles in my calf and shin and at midnight couldn't stand it any longer and took a Gabapentin , within 15 mins the pain had gone and I got a good few hours sleep which I guess proves I need them ! , are they known for upsetting stomachs or could it be the paracetamol ? x


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    I take Gabapentin with no stomach problems. I have been taking 1x300mg at bedtime for about 2 years now and have recently had to increase it to 1 x 3 times a day.
    As you say, they do work and I knew about it the other day when I missed my middle of the day one.
    I also take Co-codamel which, although it is famous for constipation, does not give me any stomach ache.
    I would see your GP in case the stomach pains are not related to the tablets.
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    I take gabapentin without any stomach problems and Have for a few years now. I couldn't manage without it.
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    Hello there,

    Thanks for your post to Helplines. As forum members have kindly suggested, this is one of those occasions where going to some one medically qualified is likely to be a helpful option. Because we are not medically qualified we cannot discuss medication in very much detail and you've clearly got some concerns about medication.

    I hope that is helpful

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    Hi Pegleg

    Unfortunately the symptoms you are having, can be a side effect of Gabapentin. It is not advisable to take antacids with Gabapentin, which you may or may not be aware of.

    Best to see your gp to discuss. Your GP will be able to prescribe something else you can try instead of the Gabapentin, I am sure.

    Elna x
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    Thanks all , well I've been back on them now and so far so good :) so wondering now if it was just a bug I'd had , I've had 2 stomach ulcers in the past so have to be careful what I take but the hospital did know about that . Only got a course of them to take so hopefully my pins and needles will have stopped by then :) x