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Does anyone suffer from arthrofibrosis in their knees ?? I think this is what I have in my TKR that is preventing me from bending the knee 3 months of physio on the knee ( I had it done 4 year ago) and was told that physio wasn't working and was refered back to the Consultant who I am seeing on Tuesday I think it will mean either another TKR some sort of surgery was infered the last time I saw him but he was like me hoping the physio would help Thanks Wendy


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    Hi Wendgro

    I am sorry to hear the recent diagnosis mentioned by the consultant regarding your knee op 4 years ago, which is preventing you from getting the knee bend you would like to have. Four years is a long time for this unfortunate diagnosis to have come to light.

    I was interested as I had not heard of it and it would seem that it is not uncommon. I was reading an american forum on just that problem. Physio appears to be the first port of call to see if this can rectify it. Some people have excruciating pain all the time too. I sincerely hope you do not.

    I wish you well at your forthcoming appointment.

    Elna x
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    I had my TKR 4 yrs ago the knee has always been painfull and very little bend last Oct I went back to see the Consultant who said I had to have THR on the same leg as the knee and he thought that with the hip was out of alignment with the knee it could be the cause of the knee being more painfull. Afterwards in April this yr having had the hip done I had 3months of physio on the knee it made little difference to the bend and the pyshio has now written to the Consul; to tell him she can't achieve anything with the knee with physio. I looked up in the net did a bit of research and found this arthrofibrosis I myself would have called it adhesions in the knee which I am prone to anyway . My Consultant said if physio didn't work he would operate I will find out next week Wendy