Tower health pain gone is it any use?

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Hi I got an offer through the post today for this pen to help with pain just wondered if it was any use it's half price at the moment for £25 says it releases naturaly by using tns therapy never heard of it before not going to waste money if it's no good thanks in advance


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    I personally would not buy this if it is so good millions of us would not be on meds. Have seen this advertised in magazines before.
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    My mother in law bought one for me. Does absolutely nothing for me. Complete waste of money.
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    I've seen itadvertised before but never bought it


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    We are very vulnerable to this sort of selling and those behind it know it. If these things worked they would be commonplace and this forum would perhaps not exist. They may have some 'effectiveness' for those who like to think they have arthrtitis but for those of us who do they're pointless. If you have £25 to spare then maybe try but but don't be too downhearted if it doesn't do anything. You might be better off buying a TENs machine from your local chemist - they are proven to be effective for some but only in the short term. DD
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    Got one off an aunt,does it work NO,waste of money.Mig
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    Thanks for all replies, don't think I'll bother just in a lot of pain at the moment and all my gp does is increase my meds strength I thought maybe when I had broken the bones in my back he would of helped more but no I'm just willing to try anything right now for the pain