Hip arthroscopy

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I friday I was told that the damage to my hip is a labral tear and i've been given stronger painkillers and crutches to take the weight off until I get my refferal with a surgeon for a hip arthroscopy. ( I have no idea how long this will be, I'm hoping not too long or at least the pain will subside soon)

I was in a bit of a tiz on Friday so I didn't ask much about what it was so I was wondering if anybody here had had one before and could give me an idea of what its like and how long recovery is likely to take?

I was also wondering if anybody else had had a labral tear and not had an arthroscopy, if so how was yours treated and was it successful?

Any experiences would be helpful as although i'm a RA veteran this is all new to me.



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    Sorry how late this is but just joined.
    I had hip arthroscopy to mend a larval tear, caused by hip joint not fully covered by socket. Too much arthritis for arthroscopy to help. Now on list for new hip. Will need other side done at some point too. Arthroscopy was fine though..... but you probably know that now. Lol :D