Physio done ,what next ?

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Well i had the grand sum of three visits to the physio ,the first was to talk about my neck the last two was for treatment ,when he had finished he said there was nothing more he could do for my neck ,well what a waist of time !,(not his fault).
The hospital insisted i went but i knew it wouldnt do any good ,so im stuck, my neck is no better and it never will be ,so it looks like im going to have to keep taking the tablets and try to cope with the pain ,my chiropractor is very good hes going to get my x-ray and mri scan from the doctors to have a look ,im on holiday as of next week so going to try and enjoy that .
I will be back to the docs when i get back and see what he suggests ,looks like its going to be a long haul :(


  • barbara12
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    Hi Heather
    Im afraid I had this with my back they said there was no more they could do, hopefully your chiropractor will be able to help ....I know there are injections they can do for the pain, but Im not sure how good they are.
    You take care and I do wish you well xx
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    Like Barbara it was my back and they said there was nothing more they could do but my orthopaedic consultant perservered and I've had another MRI done and am waiting to see a different back specialist for a 2nd opinion
    I know there are injections but I dont know how good they are either or how long they work for.
    Take care
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    Hi hileena and barbara,
    thanks both it is difficult to know where to go from here ,my chiropractor is very good and hes trying to get me to see a consultant ,so for now i just have the tablets to keep me going ,
    Heather65 x