Installing a stand up shower

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My shower is over my bath, so have to step into my bath to take a shower, which I'm finding difficult to do, so we have decided to move the bath round and fix a shower cubicle in, which we have already bought.
What I'm asking is does anyone know of any organisations that would help towards the cost of fixing the shower in, ive contacted OT who say they can't help fund the job, but put me on the list for a review to have a wet room, but this can take 2 years, i don't want a wet room, as would like to keep my bath in for other family members.
If not back to the saving up and the hose pipe in back garden.


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    Hi pepperflo
    What a good idea, like you say you get to keep the bath for other members of your family, I would try CAB, or ask at your doctors...they might have some info.
    If I think of anything I will get back to you...good luck with it all.
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    have you tried contacting your local council (even if you own your own property) or look on Age UK website, they have contacts for tried and tested contractors who won't fleece you!

    good luck x
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    Hi Pepperflo
    we have just had a walk in shower fitted, with the aid of my OT and the local council who can offer a disability facilities grant. This is means tested and we had to pay about a third, towards the cost. The OT came out to the house and did the assessment, then the lady from the council to check statements, savings etc, then they go away and work out if you need to pay or not. Once the works, from two plumbers, are approved, they go ahead with the lower quote and the work begins. They mentioned a wet room but we could not have one due to the flooring, but, they put in a great walk in shower, tiled, new non slip flooring, new loo. Then everyone comes out to approve it and pass it and the work is guarantee'd for a year.
    Hope that helps a bit. XX Bubbles
    XX Aidan (still known as Bubbles).
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    Thank you for your input, and Bubbles, I rang OT to see if they could pay towards helping us have the shower cubicle fitted, and she told me no they don't do that, but could send someone out to assess me but can take up to 2 years.
    I think I will go to CAB to see if they can recommend someone who is cheaper than the quotes Ive had. We are even supplying the equipment I just want it fitting, and some tiling doing, where the bath has come out and around the shower cubicle.