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I'm new to this and thought i would pop on here and introduce myself. I'm sarah and i'm 26 years old. I have 2 children.
I am awaiting to see a rheumatologist at the moment and have an appointment this week.
I had bloods done and was told back before march there were markers that indicated something rheumatoid going on. I have suffered such severe back pain that i was sent for xrays on my back and groin. The results came through within a few days confirming i have osteoarthritous in my hips :(
I don't know the first thing about it but am on all sorts of pain relief all of which are doing very little and am still in agony!!!
Well thats a bit about why i am on here. Fingers crossed i have some answers of docs very soon!!


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    Hello Sarah and welcome to the forum. I’m sorry things are so tough for you right now. Arthritis and young children is not an easy combination. I did it many years ago and I’m rather glad that, with my grandchildren, I can hand them back when things get difficult.

    So, you have definite osteo and probably some form of inflammatory arthritis. I hope the rheumatologist will be able to clarify things a bit for you and get you on some meds that really help. Pain relief doesn’t always do what it says. In the normal way of things, I’d suggest you go back to your GP and ask for a change of meds but, as you’re seeing the rheumatologist this week, it’s probably better to wait. If you definitely have an inflammatory arthritis, he/she will probably give you some disease modifying meds but might also suggest a change of pain relief.

    I hope things will then improve a bit for you. Fingers crossed and please let us know how you get on.
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    Thanks for a fast reply.i don't know what else they will put me on...I am already on tramacet,diazepam,amitriptyline,gabapentin,Brufen,paracetamol as I can't take codeine based meds and a cream to try n help.thats daily!!
    I look Afta children as I am a
    Registered childminder and it's got increasingly worse in the last year.just not sure what todo next or where I go from here :(
    Want to know what to expect really when I go Thursday x
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    I'm afraid I can't tell you what to expect as it's years since I was first diagnosed and processes change. If you post this on the LWA forum though, more people will see it and probably be more clued up than I am.

    I do suggest though that, if you've any questions you want to ask, write them down and take them with you. It's always better to take a partner or friend, too, as, having two people to remember what's said, means you're less likely to forget anything. Good luck!

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