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osteoarthritous at 25

sarah025sarah025 Member, NewlyRegistered Posts: 5
edited 18. Aug 2012, 15:53 in Young people's community
hiya i am 26 (just turned) and i am still in limbo a little.

I had bloods done and showed a positive for the rhematoid factor backk in march this year so was reffered to a rheumatologist. In the mean time however i have been on all sorts of pain relief due to the severe back pain i am in. It's getting to the point now where i am in tears with it occasionally.
It goes right down my hips and all across the base of my back.
It goes into my neck and shoulder mainly on the left side and when i get it it's bad! I also get pain in my feet and bottoms of legs if it's cold.
I recently had an x ray within the last 2 weeks due to another appointment at the docs for the pain in my back and groin. They sent me for x rays and the results came back in a few days saying i had osteoarthritous in my hips.
I haven't been told anything else just been given a shed load of pain relief and creams (which none of which helps) until i see the rheumatologist thankfully this thursday.
Does anyone have any advice or info on what could happen from here?? Is it likey to get better?? Just feel the docs are pretty much useless for help on this one!!


  • tillytoptillytop Member Posts: 3,460
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Hello Sarah - and welcome!

    I am sorry you are struggling so much and just wanted to say that if you repost your message on the Living With Arthritis (LWA) forum I am sure you will get some replies - more people tend to look there and there are lots of people with RA, Osteoarthritis and both. It's been quieter on here recently - I guess cos of holidays and nice weather, but I am sure that if you repost you will get some answers soon.

    Tilly xxx
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