Got it in the neck!

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Been to the doctors. Told I have to live with it. Have it in the left neckside base of skull. Do the usual exercises but that only helps to keep the movement range maximised.

Currently having sessions with a chiropractor and want to see if that helps (or hinders)!

nyone with the same advice appreciated.


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    wheat bag before exercises helps a lot i use ice if swelling but physio talked me through it good luck
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    Hi Happyhacker,
    Like you i have trouble with my neck (cervical spondylosis) and i know how painful it can be .I have had all the usual x-rays ,mri and scans ,.but they only show the bone growths and not how much pain you can be in .
    I take painkillers and anti inflams are you on these ?i also use a ice pack which helps me and i have a cold jell which i rub into my neck ,you could ask for a x-ray and go from there ,my chiropractor wrote to my doctor and got things rolling for me ,you dont have to just put up with it ,hopefully you can get something sorted ,
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    Hello happyhacker

    Can appreciate how you feel as I've had in the neck for 22 years.

    As the others have said, physio can help with exercises, warm wheat bag or ice packs help. Talk to your doctor regarding appropriate pain relief.

    Best wishes - Janet
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    hi happyhacker
    just picked up your thread. I've had cervical spondylosis for 7 years.
    From my own experience, make sure chiropractor does not manipulate discs in your neck, massage around them only. Use heat around your neck such as wheat bag you heat up in microwave, and personally I avoid cold treatments such as ice packs and gels. Keep your neck wrapped up in cold and especially damp weather and be careful when lifting. avoid high impact exercise such as jogging as you have lost the "absorbing cushions" in your neck.
    Good luck, it is a lifestyle change.
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    Hi Happyhacker,

    Firstly I agree with mercedes, the last thing that would help (if it were mine) is any kind of manipulation.... You get pacif chiro's and it would sound like that would be better. They work on the trigger points but not the underlying problem if that makes sense?

    I have advanced sponsy in my neck and it also effects the base of my skull. Its no joke eh and I do sympathise but I am also lucky that the pain clinic is so helpful and maybe you could see one of the pain docs cus there are things they do to mine that might help you?

    Its not a case of that's it and live with it and I so hope that you can get at least a referral to a pain clinic and possibly a surgeon just to see if there is something that can be done to help.

    Acupuncture and the botox and medrone helped mine for a but bit now it doesn't like the acupuncture ao its a case of tablet pain relife, keep it moving n have a load of bi-latrials and botox trigger points regularly. Its worth asking to see the pain docs cus they are able to do a lot to help. I hope it eases up for you and nice to meet you. Cris x

    PS It used to have a collar but that pushed it upright and it doesn't really do that any more but the physio's can hep you with that if you need one.