All this spoon business - the explanation

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Howdie good people,

I had never heard of the spoon theory til I got on here, I can see it must seem strange to those who haven't come across it the way we all keep sending spoons to each other or complaining of a lack of them but once you read it - it seems like the ultimate common sense, light bulb moment of understanding. It is an explanation regarding how we have to ration our energies and abilities to get through the day in the company of arthritis. For those who don't but would like to know more here is a link:

Doesn't seem quite so insane the spoon talk now does it?!
Lots of love,

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    I also like 'There's Gorilla in my House.' I am not clever enough to do the blue stuff like you but I reckon it's easily found. It's easy to forget to tell people about this as most of us are aware of it but then I guess that applies in all areas of life - look at what the docs sometimes omit to tell us! DD
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    DreamDaisy, I just googled the gorilla and here he/ she is:

    Wonderful, thank you so much for that and re my high as a kite post, just what I needed to read when it comes to the friends bit. What a fantastic description!

    Thank you! LV xx
    Hey little fighter, things will get brighter