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Hello lovelies

By the time you read this I could well be back in a pool of tears but I thought I would share my high with you all!!

Not sure what is causing it, it could be that work have been super understanding over the last few weeks about things being bad and despite things being bad I managed to get a big project out the door yesterday and I know it was a cracker of a job (not being arrogant, I just worked like a dog at making it so).

It could be the 10 hours sleep I put in last night - I tried watching the Olympics but they made me tired so I went for a night of comatose sleep instead.

It could be the decision I made with the help of a good friend to bin two people from my list of buddies. I have been agonising for quite some time with these two, they are school 'friends' but quite narrow minded types and despite my explaining to them about arthritis and despite them watching me struggle there has always been a 'but you don't look ill' response from them. It has got me down so deep at times and recently it's been super bad and frustrating so, through a chat with a real mate we decided me binning them was not callous, just sensible. Although they don't know it, they are now off the christmas card list and I will no longer be caring what they think. It feels blooming magic, like I just gave the school bully a slap in the face (but not because I am a peace lover of non-violence). Freedom from judgements and patronising comments. Whop whop.

So there you go, I just wanted to share a big high with you all, I'm floating up there like a kite right now!

LV xx
Hey little fighter, things will get brighter


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    Well Done LV

    Pleased to hear it .Its a big step but if so called friends are making you miserable then yes you made a good choice .

    karen xxx
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    dear L V , Good for you ,I did exactly the same with my D/I/L yes she was is the grrrrrrrrr from hell ,She was hacked of with me for being a day late with her birthday present ,she received my card on the morning of her birthday though ,this apparently was not good enough , I almost cancelled my T K R because of this but my tears are tried I am happier without her other family members have rallied around me ,I have found an old friend from years ago and I have no regrets ,if in the future she should ever need me or extended the olive branch ,well yes I would forgive ,I wish you very well and if you come down from your high feeling a little sad well you always have us to .Marrianne :)
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    I'm a bit disappointed with this, LV, as I was rather hoping to scrounge a bit of whatever you were on :wink: A lot of work, plenty of sleep and cutting yourself loose from a couple of p*ll*cks wasn't quite what I was hoping for :roll:

    Hey, you've done well, on all counts. Congratulations on getting a good job done. Good news about the sleep and, as for the 'friends' - they're not, so why worry. One good thing about arthritis is that it quickly sorts out the real friends from the other kind. One day, these two might understand if it hits them, too. But, right now, if they are insisting that you adapt to them rather than them to you, they are a couple of additional burdens that you don't need.

    I expect the euphoria may well dissipate soon. It's in its nature. So, just in case you are in need of a couple (()) (If not, store until needed.)
    "The deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain." Kahlil Gibran
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    You see it was you guys and all the understanding that just beams from this forum that kinda gave me the guts and the realisation to do what I did.
    Marrianne - that is so sad, she doesn't know what she is missing and being a day late with a present, unless you are six years old, seems not to be the biggest thing in the world to me!! As my OH would say to her 'suck it in princess' (not quite sure what that means, it's from downunder but you get the idea).
    Sticky, your hugs are much appreciated because it does feel a wee bit like I have just thrown something away and it makes me sad that I was put in a place where that became the easiest thing to do no matter how liberating it was to actually do it.
    Karen, you got it right, they were making me miserable so who needs the extra burden when my joints can do that alone.
    The thing I think arthritis has given me is an empathy and understanding that life doesn't run on tram lines and there's no need to get funny with people if they don't do what you want, there may be a good reason for them doing it their way and if you can't be flexible or understanding enough to accept that then you aren't worth competing in the great human race...those two are definitely that way inclined. Their loss, I was one of their greatest sources of things to gossip and moan about :lol:
    Hey little fighter, things will get brighter
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    I think it is difficult for those who don't have arthritis to understand those of us who do. I look fine, if it wasn't for the crutches there'd be nothing to tell people that I'm not that well (apart from the rather strange walk!)

    People associate going to the docs and having meds with getting better - the fact that we go to the docs and take meds and don't flies in the face of all reason, at times even to us. Anyhoo, congratulations on getting that project completed, make sure you give yourself a lovely reward! DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    well done, and Im pleased you are on a high. God knows they are few and far between when youve got this awful disease, and you don't need negative people in your life.

    Long may your high continue!
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    sorry have only just got to this not been on much just popping in. it so hard to do away with the dead wood that hold you down. as for work well done just to keep working is no mean feet to excel is amazing we know how hard it is stay flying high you deserve it val