Just had a great pain clinic appt

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Thought I would share my news with you all, being as you have had to listen to my moaning. :oops:

Had my pain clinic appt this morning. My gp referred me after I had got really low over the pain. I have lower back pain, and nerve pain in legs. Ortho had said collapsed disk but no need to operate. Which I was fine with, but left in pain.

Pain dr said my scan clearly showed nerves irritated by disk which explained my leg pain but not my back pain. He examined me and discovered that my pain came from the sacroilliac joint both sides.

Therefore he is sending me for 4 facet joint injections either side of sacrum, which hopefully will alleviate some of my pain. Whilst not looking forward to the procedure, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It feels great to think I might get some relief, apparently it helps 2 out of 3 people. Anyway, thats my news, has anyone had these injections done? Expereinces appreciated.

Going to be grumpy for rest of day as the examination has really irritated my back. :shock:


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    That is good news, Suzy, I am very pleased for you. Sacro on both sides, eh? Yuk. I've no experience of facet joint injections but I am sure those who have will be along in due course. I wish you well. DD
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    That definitely sounds like a good appointment, Suzygirl, resulting in a fair bit of hope.

    I, for one, very much hope these jabs help you. You are right to concentrate on the likely result rather than the potential fear of the proceedure. Count me in for pocket duties.
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    Hope the injections help you Suzy.

    I've got to have double steroid injections in my knees end of September.

    take care

    pink xx
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    Thanks guys, I am sure I will be nervous nearer the time. Its just I had been told I would have to live with it by the ortho, and now I am being offered hope :D

    I had got so low, being in constant pain. It makes everything difficult, I can't stand unaided and it seriously hinders my mobility and sleep. I have to sit up to turn over. It feels great to think I have a chance of some relief. Just hope I don't come crashing down again. :oops:
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    I have my 1st pain clinic appointment next Tuesday if they take the pain away I would kiss them - I am glad your appointment went your way heres hoping for me?