A week away and feel like i've run a marathon

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Spent a lovely week away with my Brother, Sister inlaw and Hubby. I tried so hard to get out and about with them and used crutches instead of a walking stick with stops every 5 minutes so I could sit down and rest. On the third day I couldn't even get out of bed so was left home alone as I wanted them to enjoy themselves. They felt guilty leaving me behind but I insisted they go. Silly move on my part trying to keep up with them, made me feel more depressed. Now back home wishing I had never gone :(


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    It's not easy going away for a number of reasons. If you are meeting up with friends or family then yes, it is possible to feel some pressure to try and keep up but as we know that leads to its own problems later so really it's not worth it. :roll:

    I am now quite used to being left behind as Mr DD goes off to do things that he wants without being tied to the lead weight that is me, but I do appreciate the times we do spend together when we're away. It's the same when we meet up with friends, I do what I can then leave them to get on with the more energetic and fun stuff. That way I can last longer and join in with the things that are possible for me to do. I like going away for the change of scene and routine, but I agree that trying to pace yourself is not an easy skill to master.

    All you can do is rest up now, recover, recuperate and think about the better times you had - your first sentence included the words 'lovely week' and I bet it was. Don't let the payback spoil that, OK? :wink: Take care. DD
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    Don't wish that, Elsa56, as, if nothing else, you've learnt a valuable lesson. You can't keep up. Not just on crutches, anyway. Next time try a rollator or, better still, a wheelchair or scooter. It would be so sad for you to have to miss out, especially as you all sound like lovely people - you not wanting to mess things up for them and them feeling bad about going without you. I know it's difficult taking to a wheelchair or scooter for the first time but the rewards make it all worthwhile.
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    Don't wish you hadn't gone - am sure there was something good about being away :-)

    PM me if you need to chat.

    take care

    Pink xx