hi newly diognosed with degenerative arthritis in my spine

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hi i have recently been diognosed with degenerative arthritis in my spine, i also have problems with my discs and a bulge in one. after being told i had pulled a muscle for 1.5years i demanded an mri which showed the bones in my spine deformed etc. it has totaly changed my life and i am in serious pain all the time. im on tramadol and it still wakes me in the night. im only 21 and was planning on going back to education to be a nurse. but this effects my walking and everything. im so confused and sometimes feel guilty because i see so many other people saying how they can go to work and stuff and im not sure with my pain and mobility difficulties if i could, sometimes its because im not totaly crippled and people dont believe me and think i enjoy not working. is anyone else in this situation i mean what happens next?


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    Hello daisyjay. It's good to meet you and I'm sorry you had a bit of a wait for a reply. Unfortunately (fortunately, really) our younger members often come here, get on the right meds and go off again to live their lives to the full and good for them. However, it does mean that they don't look on here as often as us oldies.

    You seem to have a lot to deal with at a young age. If tramadol doesn't work for you there are other methods of pain relief about so why not go back to your GP and ask.

    I know little about spinal degeneration but there are others on here with similar problems. I suggest you copy your post to the Living With Arthritis forum as more people look in there.
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    thankyou so much for the tips i have never used a forum before :)