Knee replacment at 39

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Hi, its 6.30am and I've been awake for two hours my mind going round and round!! I have RA and Lupus plus some other autoimmune problems and both knees are grade 4 arthritis. An ortho surgeon said that depsite my age of 39 he would allow knee replacements as I am stuck on a scooter and basically my walking ability is non existant and i cant drive. I was really hopefull thinking I would get first my knees then my hips done, and I could get a part time job once it was all over, thinking I would get some of my life back. However, a couple of days ago I went for an appointment to discuss the optiions but did not see my usual doctor but his boss (the senior Ortho surgeon). He is very abrupt and he said as soon as I walked in that there was no way was he going to allow new joints as they would not last, I would need new ones at 50 and he would be chopping my legs off at 60. He said I would have to rely on medication and my husband's help for at least the next 10 years and then he's review it!! He also said I would cost the NHS over £80K and as I am riddled with arthritis was it worth it? My husband is older than me and has just had cancer, so hardly too fit himself. I came out devestated with all my hope for some improvement in life gone. Has anyone out there had knees replaced at an early age, and if so how have things gone? Also, can I ask for a second opinion do you think? [/color]


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    Dear Victoria Louisa,

    Thanks for your post to Helplines. I am sorry to hear that you've had such a difficult experience. It's very unsettling if medical professionals start to apparently contradict one another. You've definitely got the right to have a second opinion - it may be worth discussing with your GP whether it's better to have that at a completely seperate venue.

    If you have a good relationship with your rheumatologist it may be worth disucssing things informally with them too.

    If you are interested in hearing other people's experiences of surgery then a better place to post that request is on the living with arthritis forum - but the difficulty is that peoples' experiences are individual.

    If you'd like to talk about how you are feeling, you are welcome to ring us for a confidential chat.

    I hope that is helpful.

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    Many thanks for your replies. I think just being able to get it all out in a rant this morning actually helped !! I am def going to corner the Rheumatologist next month, but I've thought about it alot today and I'm perhaps a bit more accepting of the situation now. I will just have to learn to enjoy scooting around on my scooter and keep smiling. :P
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    Hi Victoria

    I am so sorry hearing about your most upsetting appointment. You are not alone in having your hopes dashed after leaving a consultants room.Unfortunately consultants are fairly well known for not having a "bedside manner" when expressing their views to a patient. Please do join us on the Living with Arthritis forum as and when. It is a good place to go for a rant and support is always forthcoming from us. As you say it is good to write it all down and it can help immensely. So can others sympathising with you, who have been through/going through similar. It is so difficult for others who do not suffer with any kind of arthritis to understand but we do on this forum.

    All good wishes to you

    Elna x