Recurrent urine problems

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Hi !

I'm new to this forum so sorry if this has been posted in the wrong area.

I'm at my wits end which is why I have been up surfing for info since 5.30 am and thought a post on this site might be useful.

I have had RA for 9 years. I've been through various treatments which had varying degrees of success however it was uncontrolled for a while as I was trying to get pregnant. After the birth of my children it came back really badly and I started on Methotrexate in Nov 2010. I was in this for about 6 months with no clinical change to my condition. In July 2011 Cimzia (one of the biologic drugs) was added and since then my condition has improved greatly and I am very happy with my RA. My hands are still a bit sore but this is down to damage now rather than the disease.

So that all sounds good.

However, in the last few months I have had horrible urine infections. The first one was so bad it ended up moving up in to my kidney and requiring several doses of antibiotics before finally clearing.

I've had at least 2 or 3 more since then.

However, more recently I've had 3 visits to the GPs with the same symptoms but no infection is detected. Last week I was back and GP gave me antibs and sent the sample away. I felt better assumed it was the antibs until yesterday when I had a massive flare up again. I spoke to GP who said I'm not showing infection so the can't prescribe me anything at mo. Took another sample, same thing although detecting a small drop of blood.

So my symptoms are needing to go to the loo often and when I've been feeling like I need to go again instantly. If I resist for a bit it does die down but I am left with a sort of crampy lower ache. Yesterday it was so bad I spent most of the morning in the loo - not easy with two toddlers !!

One of the GPs I've spoken to a while back said that ladies on Methotrexate sometimes feel like they have cystitis.

What I was wondering is if anyone else has been feeling like this ? And what course of action you took ?

Long term I can't keep feeling like this. I'm off on hols on Sat for a few days and am concerned about it. I also have this fear if left unchecked it will flare up in to my kidney again, which is why I am always quick to see a GP.

I've read a few things on-line which seem to suggest that there is a condition which is non bacterial cystitis perhaps caused by Methotrexate which fits my symptoms but I'm not expert. Not seeing my Rheumatologist until November but I can maybe get an earlier slot of needs be.

Thanks in advance for any help you may have to share.



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    posted a long reply on your other post which is identical. FG
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    Hello Twinmum10

    I am sorry top hear of your difficulties but it seems like you have found a lot of support and i'm glad to hear that your other GP has taken an active interest. I hope that he gets some good input from the rheumatology department. In the meantime you could also try and speak to a rheumatology nurse specialist if you have one to see what is suggested to others in a similar situation if it is as a result of side effects of the medication.

    Like friargirl said - do keep drinking plenty of water to make sure you don't get other issues as a result of not hydrating properly. I realise its all quite distressing and may feel too much at times on top of being a full time mother of twins but just remember that if you need to chat/offload the Helpline team is here to talk to. If you GP does not come up with anything then do insist on a referral to Urology or perhaps even Gynaecology to rule things out if nothing else and sometimes a different perspective can often come up with different solutions as a result of different experience, so worth exploring if the rheumatology team don't come up with an answer.
    Hope that helps
    Best wishes