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Where can I get help

TrayceTrayce Posts: 110
Been a long battle really social services will not help because I have a mh worker I am on my third one who is like the previous ones useless everything I ask for she gives her explanation which means no I am mentally ill care for husband and have problems with my disc which affects my hip I have an advocate who has fought to and she gives him same resins for not to let me have support ie need. Support worker to help me shop mh worker says no it will not help me I even may speak with local care centre but they may refer to social services who will say see my mh worker


  • helpline_teamhelpline_team Posts: 2,072
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    Dear Trace,

    Thanks for your posts to Helplines, I'll reply just once but try and to cover all your points.

    You sound frustrated that services and staff who are supposed to be helping don't seem to be responding as you would like. The different issues of arthritis and mental health can get lumped together - so that everything is linked and that means that nothing is explained or thoroughly explored.

    However you've not really asked a question yet except in the heading of your message, but that's quite a big question. To get a real answer it might be necessary to be specific.

    If you want to talk about a problem with your care package - that you need help with shopping and that no one says that's their job. You may need to discuss with a Welfare Rights advisor and a social worker. Those kinds of discussions are notoriously difficult, so no wonder that you might be at your wits end. But if you've had an OT assessment of your needs and shopping was not picked up then the problem is likely to be difficult to resolve.

    So in answer to your question - where you get help will depend on what the problem is. If you'd like a chat do ring us.

    I hope that is helpful

  • TrayceTrayce Posts: 110
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    Thanks will post more please can someone delete my other posts I was on my I pad and not used to it
  • TrayceTrayce Posts: 110
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    Hubby rang social services they Said have to go via mh worker
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