Neil Armstrong

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Neil Armstrong the first man to walk on the moon has died today,age 82,a legend in his own lifetime.Mig


  • valval
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    sorry to read this have not seen news yet today so did not know val
  • marrianne
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    Nor did I ,He truely was a great man ,Marrianne
  • joanlawson
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    I remember sitting watching on TV those first pictures from the moon live as it happened. When Neil Armstrong took his first steps onto the surface of the moon it was so thrilling and exciting. The next day at work everyone was exhausted as we'd all stayed up late to watch it. He was a very brave man and a true hero.
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    Morning Mig
    I have only just seen this on the news, yes I remember my mum waking us up in the early hours to see them land and walk on the moon...what a night that was...I feel privileged to have seen it live..he was so brave to go into the unknown like that.
  • Colin1
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    A true hero and icon of our time and the future
    his name will me emortalised with all the greats
  • mellman01
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    I remeber it like it was yesterday, I bunked off schhol to watch it by making out I was ill, I sat there waiting for it all to happen and I remember it was delayed by a fair bit but I will never forget those first black and white pictures of him stood on the Lunar Lander leg then steping off to say those imortal words, a true hero and an icon of space exploration who inspired a generation, each time I look at the moon from my back garden through my telescop I still can't help to be filled with the feeling of wonder, and I still marvel that he and others actually walked on it's surface.
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    That's it the wonder of what he did .Mig

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