sudden finger pain

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I have had a few odd aches and pains in my fingers over the years. But I have noticed that it is now daily and in all my fingers, and not just the joints! I have made 2 changes in my lifestyle lately and am wondering if these have triggered something. I have started cycling for about half an hour each day and have also started eating muesli moistened with orange juice (as I don't drink milk) Could the orange juice be affecting my fingers? I always thought Vit C was good for joints?


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    I'm not a helpline person, just a forum member, but I for one find the acidity of fruit juice (and vinegar) too much for my beleaguered joints. Just because something is meant to be good for one doesn't mean it is: my Mum spent a deal of my childhood feeding me 'good' foods without realising that I was intolerant of Vit C and dairy. Even now my toast is not buttered and cereal is eaten dry. It tastes better! :) DD
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    Thanks daisy - I do not think I am allergic to Vit C as have never had a problem before but it is not unknown to develop allergic reactions as we age!
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    Hi malls290

    As dreamdaisy mentions sometimes foods and drinks that contain a high amount of acid (like orange juice) can affect you.

    As you mention yourself you can also develop allergies to particular foods/drinks (even so called healthy ones).

    You could always try and stop using orange juice for a couple of weeks and see if this improves things.

    Also starting cycling may cause a bit of an ache/soreness in various muscles and joints, until your body gets more used to it.

    All the best

    Helplines team