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Hello Unsure, it's nice to meet you and I am pleased you have joined us. It's true, there aren't that many blokes around here and my thinking is that that is for two reasons.

1. Arthritis appears to affect more females than males.

2. Men deal with health matters in a very different way to women.

I have two sorts, an auto-immune and the joint damage that caused has led to OA in my knees and ankles. On reflection the auto-immune (PsA) shouldn't have come as such a surprise as I spent my childhood itching, scratching and wheezing but hey-ho, that's how things go I suppose. I hope we will be able to offer you encouragement, information and support. I wish you well. DD
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    oi, im here (i think) and the last time i looked i belonged to the male gender.

    Hi Unsure and welcome to the forum.
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    Hi unsure

    Nice to meet you - sorry I am female, but there are a few blokeys and they are very welcome :)


    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    Lots of chaps on here but the wimin out number us so be careful
    i replied to your other post it seems all doom and gloom but i told it as it is
    try and get posting round the forums you have 20 years experiance.
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    Hello unsure
    And a very warm welcome to the forum, the people on here are so supportive,so any questions you have post on LWA and we have chichat were we get some light relief.
    I do hope to see you posting more very soon x